Nov 2021
FREECIOUS Fuji was adopted at "RICKY KAZAF" which was newly opened in Mira Place 1 in Tsim Sha Tsui!

FRECIOUS ORE and FRECIOUS Slat have been adopted in the beauty salon "RICKY KAZAF" which opened in Mira Place 1, Tsim Sha Tsui from 1st November.

This "RICKY KAZAF" is the first beauty salon created by famous beauty KOL Ricky Kazaf, and is mainly a beauty salon for men, but there is a space where seminars can be held and fashion that Ricky collaborates with. It is a space where you can experience the cutting edge of the times.

Among them, FRECIOUS Fuji, which has an advanced and stylish design for the water dispenser, was selected!

Not only men who are interested in beauty but also women are welcome, so please visit!


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