Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Mt. Fuji Springs (Hong Kong) Limited (“Company” “we” “our“us”) recognizes that personal information protection is a social responsibility, complies with laws and regulations on privacy protection and personal information for its business activity, establishes and conducts this privacy policy in connection with the handling of the customer’s personal information (“Personal Information”) for the delivery service of the product separately designated by us to customers. 

  • Personal Information Collection Statement 

This Company collects Personal Information for the purposes designated in Section 3 of this Privacy Policy. 

  • Compliance with Laws and Regulations 

This Company and its affiliates comply with Japan’s Act on the Protection of Personal Information, Hong Kong’s Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486) (“PDPO”), and other laws, regulations and guidelines established by government in relation to personal information protection, and this Privacy Policy. 

  • Use and Purpose of Use of Personal Information 

This Company transfers, shares, and uses our customer’s Personal Information within the scope of this Company and its affiliates (this refers to corporates connected with this Company through capital ties, contractors which this Company uses in order to sell and deliver this Company’s product and in order to manage and process information of this Company) (“Affiliates”).

This Company and Affiliates handle each customer’s Personal Information appropriately within the scope of each of the following purposes: 

  • Types of Personal Information 

Purpose of Use

[1] Personal Information from a person making an inquiry 

  • To answer and respond to inquiries for this Company and Affiliates.

[2] Personal Information of a customer 

  • To deliver the products and services of this Company and Affiliates; to invoice, make a payment, or deal with inquiries; for emergency contact; or to maintain/manage the contracts. 
  • To announce the products, services, and campaigns of this Company and Affiliates. 
  • To market and promote sales of the products and services of this Company and Affiliates.
  • To deal with inquiries in relation to the products and services of this Company and Affiliates.
  • To deal with inquires in relation to Personal Information.

[3] Personal Information of Employees and Officers of this Company and Affiliates 

  • For use in necessary business-related communication and management. 

[4] Personal Information of Employees and Officers of Business Partners 

  • For use in necessary business-related communication and management of business partners. 

[5] Personal Information of Job Applicants 

  • For use in the selection process and management of data of prospective employees of this Company and Affiliates. 

[6] Personal Information of the Retirees

  • For use of the payment of severance fee to an employee and a status report of this Company and Affiliates. 

[7] Other Personal Information 

  • For use of improvement of services and development of new services of this Company and Affiliates.
  • For use in dealing with inquiries and consultation. 

*This Company will announce any updated amendment of the purpose of use on its Website. 

  • Management and Protection of Personal Information 

This Company and Affiliates establish an internal control system, educate their employees and officers, and take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access to and from, or loss/destroy/falsify/leakage of, Personal Information, to handle the customers’ Personal Information appropriately, and make their best effort for the protection of Personal Information by continuing the review of such measures. 

  • Outsourcing the Handling of Personal Information 

When outsourcing handling of Personal Information to a third person, in whole or in part, this Company conducts a strict investigation of such third person, and conducts necessary and appropriate supervision of such third person to ensure the security of such outsourced Personal Information, such as executing a necessary contract for appropriate process of Personal Information. 

  • Provision of Personal Information 

This Company and Affiliates shall appropriately manage all Personal Information, and shall not provide any Personal Information to a third person without prior consent of a data subject except for the following: 

[1] in cases based on laws and regulations;

[2] in cases where there is a need to protect a human life, body or fortune/property, and when it is difficult to obtain a data subject’s consent; 

[3] in cases where there is a special need to enhance public hygiene or promote fostering healthy children, and when it is difficult to obtain a data subject’s consent; or 

[4] in case where there is a need to cooperate with central government organization or a local government, or a person entrusted by such governments to perform the services under laws and regulations, and where there is a possibility that obtaining a data subject’s consent would interfere with the performance of such services. 

  • Disclosure Process of the Customer’s Personal Information

This Company and Affiliates will handle Personal Information properly under laws and regulation when a data subject or its agent requests disclosure, amendment, addition, deletion, termination of use, or cessation of the provisions of Personal Information to third person.

For the specific process of the request for disclosure of Personal Information, please contact the office stated in Section 9 below. We will send “Personal Information Disclosure Request Form” designated by this Company by email or otherwise for inquiry from the customer. When the customer receives the Form, please fill out and mail it back to us with the attachment of necessary documents. The fee for the amount of JPY 1,100 will be charged for each application. Kindly follow our payment process when the customer makes payment. 

  • Cookies
  • We may use Cookies and similar technologies for the purposes of analyzing the customer visits to our website and providing our services, information and advertisements suitable for each customer. Cookies have the function of retaining data temporarily on the customer PC and/or other device when they visit our website. By using Cookies, we may obtain attribute information which cannot be identifiable, such as customers’ browsing history (accessed URLs, contents, reference order, etc.), age, gender, occupation, residential area and location information. If the customers do not wish their Personal Information to be obtained through Cookies, they can disable/delete Cookies in their browser settings on the device. However, if the customers disable/delete Cookies, the products and services we provide may be limited when they use them. 

We do not use Cookies or similar technologies to identify specific individuals. 

  • We use Google Analytics offered by Google Inc. on our website to investigate and analyze the website usage. Please visit Google Analytics website for Google Analytics Terms of Service, and website of Google Inc. for its privacy policy. 
  • Contact Information

For claims and inquiry about our Personal Information handling, including the disclosure of Personal Information, please contact as below. 

Please use the Inquiry Form on our website. 


Person in Charge: Kenta Onozawa

Address: Unit B, 16/F, Fortis Tower, 77-79 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, HK

Phone Number: 3651-5880




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