Customers love it!

Water dispenser in use: Slat
Family structure: 10~100
How many boxes we usually
order in one month :
What we like about this water dispenser: Sophisticated design like no other in Hong Kong.
What we use it for: For visitors and employees (3 units in total).

We had been using three dispensers from a local company for customers visiting our lounge and for staff, but recently switched entirely to FRECIOUS Fuji due to hygiene concerns.

The FRECIOUS staff kindly instruct us on everything from how to install and use the dispenser to how to order water, which was very helpful.

We usually have more than 100 customers a day who come in and drink water, so we like the dispenser's excellent design, the high tray position and ease of use, and the auto-clean function that eliminates the need for maintenance.

The staff also seem to be able to tell the difference when they drink the natural water from Mt Fuji instead of their usual drinking water, and they all say, "It tastes delicious!  It also contributes to our welfare programme!

Please stop by the JCB Plaza Lounge at the Prince Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui Harbour City.


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