FRECIOUS Fuji natural water

With Slat, you can enjoy the high-quality natural water from Mt. Fuji anytime.
The 'fresh function' always keeps the water fresh.

01. Vanadium

The habit of drinking high-quality and fresh vanadium-containing Mt. Fuji natural water is a shortcut of keeping healthy. It has no odd taste but a slight sweetness and contains valuable vanadium minerals.

02. Fresh function

The 'Fresh Function' always keeps the natural water fresh. It regularly circulate the hot water inside the water dispenser to prevent water stagnation and keep water at the freshest status.

03. Disposable bottles

It can be folded compactly and thrown into a rubbish bin. Since this bottle is disposable, there is no need to keep a storage space for its recycling and it’s very easy to clean up the room.


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