Easy to use

Slat aims to make life more comfortable. It's trying to reduce the burden of each using step like pouring water and changing bottles. This is a water dispenser combining both functionality and beauty.

01. Convenient disposable bottle and bottom loading type

Bottle storage (bottom loading type).It’s much easier to change the water bottle with this bottom loading design. Also, the bottle hidden inside makes it look clean and beautiful. You can directly throw it away after use.

02. Faucets of comfortable height and convenient drip tray for cooking

Faucets of comfortable height and wide drip tray.The faucets are set a little bit higher so that you can pour the water in a more comfortable position. Drip tray is also well designed even for kitchenware like pot to be easily used on it.

03. Silent design friendly to everyday life

Silent design without worries about the noise of water pump.It paid a lot effort from the stage of development to the pump or the internal structure of water dispenser. Compared to other companies’ bottom loading type, it's 30% less loud.

04. Won 'Kids Design Award'. Safe design for small kids

Gained Kids Design Award for contribution to the safety of kids.It’s a safe design that the faucets are set on the upper part of water dispenser so the small kids won't get access to it easily.

05. Child lock function designed for kids

Child Lock function setting is possible for both cold and hot water.To unlock, long press is necessary so no need to worry about getting burned or mischief. Also, the button is specially set on a place hard for kids to find out.


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