The secret of its popularity is the compact and stylish design coordinating well with the interior decoration.It has won the ‘Good Design Awards’ as well as ‘Kids Design Awards’. This is a water dispenser with hidden water bottle design pursuing the ease of use.

  • Bottom loading type with hidden water bottle.
  • Since the hot and cold water tanks are totally separated, there is no any electricity waste. Compared to other commonly available water dispensers, it can save 60% electricity. (By research of Frecious)
  • Model Slat has auto-clean function. Cold and hot water share the same faucet, so it's usually clean. Also, the air inside the water dispenser won't go into the faucet.
  • Matte paint finish and a good color scheme coordinate well with the interior design.
  • It's possible to set the temperature according to different requests of cold water /hot water /room temperature. Furthermore, the hot water can be adjusted to your preference. It has a reheat function taking 3~4 minutes to reheat the 80°C~ 85°C hot water to 90°C.

It has the design fitting into any environment and the smallest size for water dispenser.

  • Model ORE can be placed anywhere. It's 30cm lower than the traditional model and completely realized the miniaturization.
  • You can choose to use cold water・hot water・room temperature.
  • It's a environmentally friendly and low-noise water dispenser with fluorocarbon-free design.
  • It owns the industry's first sterilization function. Also, with airless design, the outside air won't go into the water dispenser, so no worries about the hygiene problems.
  • Dual tank design improves the efficiency of cooling down and heating up, which saves 60% electricity than traditional models. (compared to Frecious's own products)

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