The water sampling factory is located at the height of 1000m of Mt. Fuji

FRECIOUS Fuji’s water sampling factory, Fujiyoshida Factory is located at the height of 1000m of the national park. Above this height, development is strictly restricted thus there is no any ski resort or golf course. Snows that fell on Mt. Fuji decades ago gradually sank into the multiple layers of basalt for long years and the water accumulated underground is even more than the water amount of Lake Biwa. Our mission is to deliver this tasty natural water from the water sampling factory at Mt. Fuji directly to all customers in Hong Kong.


Clean vanadium natural water bred by the nature

A superior natural environment is the most important thing to have clean and tasty natural water. Although Mt. Fuji straddles several cities, towns and villages, a vast forest is conserved in the Fujiyoshida city. Since FRECIOUS Fuji water is sampled in such a blessed environment, the concentration of the nitrate nitrogen and nitrite nitrogen, which are considered to be indexes of underground water pollution are below 0.1 mg/L, extremely low compared to other brands in the world. FRECIOUS Fuji water is prideful of providing the precious natural water containing vanadium from the basalt layer of Mt. Fuji.

Our factory gained the international standard certification “FSSC22000”

FRECIOUS Fuji’s factory has gained the FSSC22000 certification by the international standard of food safety management system and it was the first time in the history for a professional water dispenser manufacturer to achieve this. Among many standards focused on food safety, this is the standard that most big companies want to get most as a reliable ‘proof of safety’ due to its strictness of examination and difficulty of acquisition. Based on this food safety management system, we deliver reliable and safe natural water to all customers in Hong Kong.

For Health

It is precious natural water containing vanadium from the basalt layer of Mt. Fuji.

  • This clean water containing dissolved oxygen can improve your body composition.
  • A perfect mineral balance among calcium, magnesium and so on.
  • Carcinogens, such as nitrate nitrogen and nitrite nitrogen it contains are almost zero. It supports your health maintenance.

For Cooking

This natural water with a mellow taste is soft water with hardness of 24 mg/L which gets absorbed very easily into any ingredient.

  • Cooking fluffy and tastier rice.
  • Making more aromatic tea or coffee.
  • When making Japanese cuisine or any other food, soup or drinks, you can enjoy better and richer flavors.

For Babies and Small Kids

Reliable and safe drinking water for babies or infants.

  • Suitable for mixing powdered milk or making solid foods.
  • Safely passed the radioactive substance testing. Soft water with hardness of 24 mg/L is safer for the stomachs of babies or infants whose organs have not fully developed yet.

For Pets

‘Since FRECIOUS Fuji water is soft water, there is no problem that pets drink directly. Pets’ health starts with food and drinks. Dry food they usually have may lead to a danger of dehydration in long term. Please remember to add extra water into their daily food or give them some water after meals or a walk.’

〜Veterinarian/Doctor of Medicine   Katsushi Ichiji


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