Convenient functions

You can select the cold water・hot water・room temperature to suit different needs. Also, it has the 'reheat function' to reheat the hot water to around 90°C.

01. Recommend for dieting!
Get room temperature water by simply pressing one button

Get room temperature water by one button. To keep healthy or go on a diet, room temperature water is asked more often. By simply pressing the button, you can enjoy the original taste of fresh water which is good for your stomach and intestines.

02. Convenient reheat function for even cup noodles

Reheat hot water by ‘Reheat Function’. Being able to choose different water temperature to suit different needs is the distinguishing feature of FRECIOUS Fuji. The hot water usually around 80~85°C can be reheated to around 90°C.

03. Also convenient for mixing powdered milk! Eco-function keeps water at 70 °C and saves electricity

Get 70°C hot water recommended for mixing powdered milk by eco-function. Press the ‘Eco’ button, the water temperature will cool down to 70 °C. Not only for saving electricity, but also a convenient function for families with babies.


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