FRECIOUS Fuji natural water

With Slat, you can enjoy the high-quality natural water from Mt. Fuji anytime.
The 'fresh function' always keeps the water fresh.

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Convenient functions

You can select the cold water・hot water・room temperature to suit different needs. Also, it has the 'reheat function' to reheat the hot water to around 90°C.

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Its dual tank design reduces thermal interference between hot and cold water. The 'SLEEP' function can automatically sense the room's brightness level and save electricity.

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Easy to use

Slat aims to make life more comfortable. It's trying to reduce the burden of each using step like pouring water and changing bottles. This is a water dispenser combining both functionality and beauty.

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Color Options

Matt White

Peaceful and

The entire water dispenser is painted with matte white color with mirror finish faucets. It makes you feel peaceful and relaxed.

Matt Black


Matte painting with mirror finish. This design matches different room styles, no matter it’s modern, urban or natural interiors.

Hot water temperature: (normal mode) 80~85℃
(eco mode)70~75℃
(reheat mode) around 90℃
Cold water temperature 4~10℃
Size: Width: 290mm
Depth: 350mm
Height: 1110mm
Weight 24kg
Tank Capacity: Cold water = 1.5L
Hot water = 1.5L
Electricity consumption Cold water = 90W
Hot water = 430W


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