Design Commitment

A design easy to fit into any environment. The control buttons are on the top of it so it’s more convenient for adults to use and safer for kids too.

01. Smallest size in the industry

It pursues the miniaturization of traditional models. A size incorporated into the lifestyle.

02. Beautiful back design

It’s a design attracting people’s eyes no matter looking from the side or the back. It can be placed anywhere.

03. Selectable temperature settings

Cold water・Hot water・Room temperature are available. By using eco-mode, it also provides hot water of 70°C for mixing powdered milk.

Environmentally friendly・Silent design

It applied the industry’s first fluorocarbon-free cooling system and take environmental issues into consideration. Also, it’s a silent design suitable for the bedroom.

01. Aspects of hygiene

It owns the industry’s first UV-LED sterilization function. Also, with airless design, there is no air inside the water dispenser so no need to worry about the hygiene problems.

02. Energy-saving

‘Dual tank design’ makes the process of cooling down and heating up more efficiently. ‘Three kinds of energy-saving mode’ can reduce a lot electrical expenses as well.

03. Compat

With this compact size, it won't destroy the atmosphere even being put in an open space. The smallest size in the industry.

Color Options

Matt White

Peaceful and

The entire water dispenser is painted with matte white color with mirror finish faucets. It makes you feel peaceful and relaxed.

Matt Black


Matte painting with mirror finish. This design matches different room styles, no matter it’s modern, urban or natural interiors.

Hot water temperature: (normal) 80℃〜85℃
(less hot) 70℃~75℃
Cold water temperature (normal) 5℃~10℃
(less cold) 12℃~17℃
Size: Width: 245mm
Depth: 290mm
Height: 585mm
Weight 7.5kg
Peltier cooling method: Airless design
Value-added functions 「UV-LED sterilization」
「Three kinds of energy-saving mode(weak cooling function・mute function・SLEEP function)


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