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What is the minimum order for water?

The minimum order starts from 2 boxes (2 bottles per box, total 4 bottles).

What is hard water and what is soft water?
Whether the water is 'hard water' or 'soft water' is determined by the level of contents of minerals, such as magnesium and calcium. In Japan, soft water is determined by hardness below 100mg/L. Soft Water contains lower levels of minerals including magnesium and calcium and, has a softer mouthfeel and a mellower taste.

On the other hand, hard water has a hardness above 100mg/L. It includes a higher level of minerals such as magnesium and calcium but has a heavier mouthfeel. It is harder to be absorbed by our body, and hence it is not recommended to be mixed with power milk.

The soft water provided by FRECIOUS natural water brings out the full flavor of the ingredients when used for cooking, The water is hence perfect for cooking rice and making broth, as well as making richly flavored coffee and tea.

Soft water is also safe for the consumption of children and mixing with power milk.

Hard water contains a high level of magnesium, however, this mineral is also used in laxatives. An excessive consumption puts stress on your stomach, and hence Hard water is especially unsuitable for young children whose digestive systems have not fully developed.
What is natural mineral water (natural water)?
Natural mineral water (natural water) comes from groundwater and runs through minimal filtration progress. This leaves the water containing its rich mineral contents and thus does not require artificial adjustments of mineral components. FRECIOUS water uses high-quality groundwater, containing rich minerals and a high concentration of dissolved oxygen - providing you the deliciousness of pure water.


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