Hong Kong Island
Family of 4

What a luxury to drink Mt. Fuji water in Hong Kong!

Water dispenser in use: Slat
Family structure: Family of 4
How many boxes we usually
order in one month :
What we like about this water dispenser: The design does not interfere with the interior
What we use it for: Drinking water for meals, water bottles for children, barley tea, coffee, etc.

Since I bought the water from FRECIOUS Fuji, my pleasure has been "morning plain hot water". To be honest, I didn't feel like drinking plain hot water because of the taste of the Hong Kong water server I used to use. However, the water of FRECIOUS Fuji is delicious, and I am relieved to have plain hot water.
In energetic Hong Kong, there are times when I feel hectic and uncomfortable every day. At that time, if you get up a little early and drink plain hot water, you can feel a little relieved. It's an important time to calm down.
As a by-product, (?) Morning communication has improved. Lemon plain hot water seems to be good for dieting, so I will try it soon!
What a luxury to drink Mt. Fuji water in Hong Kong! However, I would like to cherish the nature of Mt. Fuji by thinking about it. "


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