Hong Kong Island
Family of 2

Slat that will improve my Hong Kong life

Water dispenser in use: Slat
Family structure: Family of 2
How many boxes we usually
order in one month :
What we like about this water dispenser: Peace of mind is first and foremost, stylish and convenient
What we use it for: Drinks, cooking
It is a water dispenser that I have been anxious about, but when I saw Slat, I definitely want to use it! I made an immediate decision.

Slat is really grateful given the water and housing situation in Hong Kong. The compact size and stylish design do not get in the way even in a small room and fit comfortably. Since the tank is at a low position under her feet, even a woman can easily replace. From awakening plain hot water to drinks such as coffee and tea, rice cooking, and miso soup, we can enjoy delicious food all day long. Even instant coffee has good water, so I feel it's delicious.

I left the kettle in Japan because the storage space in my house is small, but there is no problem with the REHEAT function, and Slat is rather convenient because it has button. Also, since there is a normal temperature button, it is also a good point that you can easily rehydrate without cooling your body, such as measures against heat stroke in hot weather.

Drinking delicious safe Japanese water at any time is the basis for a healthy life. I feel relieved mentally and I like it very much with my family.


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